Artrance Visionary Collective creates visual experiences for all types of events.
We develop full concepts for your event or show.

With over 80 live shows so far, AVC has the experience and expertise for perfect visuals on your production.
As we are not only video artists but also experienced technicians, we can determine exactly what material is needed and arrange the rental, transport and rigging of the gear for a great show.

Our team is specialized in complex video mapping with multiple projectors.
We use high quality video projectors or led screens for indoor or outdoor occasions.
It is possible for us to bring our own equipment or we can work with local rental gear.
We can create full shows where music, visuals, laser, lights and decor form a perfect harmony.

See the music

Live visuals have a huge impact on any show and strongly enhance the emotional response of the visitors.
Nothing brings more “WOW” to a great DJ or band as the perfect video right on cue with the beat and mood of the music.

Artrance delivers eye candy visuals for various styles of music such as house, techno, acid, psytrance, tekno, hardcore..
We like to discover new styles of music and are always interested in developing different types of content, don’t hesitate to contact us for any other kind of event.

For a amazing show !

Artrance can create custom 2D or 3D content for your show, production or event or develop full concepts perfectly tailored to your needs.
We can animate stages, buildings, products, vehicles, streetart, scupltures , pretty much anything !
We create stand-alone visual installations for clubs or cultural venues to run 24/7 autonomously, also interactive or sound reactive

Combining the skills of our team we can handle all aspects of a production so you can focus on what matters and together we create a amazing experience !


Anywhere, anytime !

Armed with multiple high end laptops and a library of beautiful content, AVC operators are always ready to go worldwide.
Our team can work with simple or complex projector setups or led screens, from a single projector to a 360° blending with multiple projectors.
These installations can include sound design and interactivity, and can be temporary or permanent.
AVC can create custom 2D/3D video content for your event, or work with content delivered by you such as video footage or logos.

We can arrange the full visual production or be your partner for content creation, equipment supply, live show, production or technical installations.
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