Artrance creates exclusive custom 2D or 3D content or entire conceptual shows telling your story.
With over 50 live shows so far, Artrance has the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of the visual needs for your production.
Generally we use high quality video projectors or led screens, it is possible for us to bring our own video projectors and equipment or we can work with local rental equipment.
As we are not only video artists but also experienced technicians, we can determine exactly what material is needed and arrange the rental, transport and rigging of the gear.
For a unforgettable event !
Artrance creates custom visual shows and installations for all sorts of occasions from festivals to company events.
Using the latest CGI technologies to create beautiful digital content, we take any event or performance to the next level.
Having our roots in nightlife culture, we have gained the knowledge and skills to deliver stunning visuals for cultural events, product launches, weddings or any kind of reason to celebrate life.
Together we create amazing experiences for the audience to never forget.


See the music

Digital animations have a huge impact on any show and strongly enhance the emotional response of the visitors.
Nothing brings more “WOW” to a great DJ or band as mind blowing visuals right on cue with the beat and mood of the music.

Artrance delivers banging eye candy visuals for various styles of music such as house, techno, acid, psytrance, tekno, d&b, hardcore..
It is possible to create stand-alone visual installations for clubs or cultural venues to run 24/7 autonomously, also interactive or sound reactive.
We like to discover new styles of music and are always interested in developing different types of content, don’t hesitate to contact us for any other kind of show.

“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”   -Jean Michel Basquiat”

Pushing pixels !

Our fantastic video library is full with amazing content ready to deploy for any type of occasion,from smooth atmospheric backgrounds images to mesmerizing 3D objects floating above the DJ. We are always ready for a last minute call or a show ‘on the fly’ and we love to work with all sorts of setupslike ledscreens, multiple video projectors blends or even full 360° projections !
As every event has it’s own visual needs, we can use material from our content library, create customcontent or work with content delivered by the organisation/promoter.We can integrate your graphics, video content or logo into the show, for a even stronger experience we can combine the visual design withvideo mapping, light design or laser shows.It is even possible to add an interactive touch to the visuals and turn the audience into artists, see here for more info about our interactive projects.