Artrance specialises in using video and light to create unique visual experiences , alternate realities and mesmerising installations.

Over the past years we have developed a variety of skills and expertise we can offer .
We can also develop custom solutions towards your needs.


Video Mapping
Video mapping is a technique where we use video projectors to project animations on any kind of surface.

Buildings, stages , decors , artworks , 3D objects , anything can be video mapped  and brought to life !
No matter if you need a super wide 180° projection to tell your story and a complete show for your life performance, we will make it shine!


Interactive installations
Our first interactive installation “Eye See You” displays a digital version of the visitor in a fascinating playful way. We have since been developing variations of this installation for a wide selection of audiences. Currently we are working on the next chapter in this research of how technology can alter our world.


Technical Projection
As we have build up a lot of experiences projection images under all kinds of indoor & outdoor environments , we can help you bringing the best video quality possible for your event, show or venue.

Besides sourcing the equipment, we can also install and program the installation, from small scale projects to large concert halls, for temporary and permanent installations.


Today animations are everywhere !
If your project needs custom content we can provide it.
Either we create animations using 2D and 3D animations software or we can work together with other artists to create the exact look you need.
We can also create sound reactive , sensor triggered or generative content  to fit your needs.


Custom Projects
We can also develop a completely new concept for you where we can rely on a wide set of skills ranging from lasercutting to construction. Please contact us if you have something special in mind , we love a challenge !