Artrance loves light !
One way to express this passion is through working with laser light.
There is something incredibly mesmerizing and satisfying when you are surrounded by light so pure that you try to touch it.

We have different laser unit sets able to produce shows in all colours of the rainbow, for any music style.
These lasers are operated live for perfect synchronisation with the music.
Our specialist software allows us to fine tune precisely where the laser beams will go, at what strength to keep everyone safe.
As we can control these lasers live, we can create custom patterns and change colours instantly for a mind blowing lasershow..

What is possible ?
We have setups with 2 – 4 – 6 or 7 full colour lasers between 1 & 2 watt.
These setups are great for small & medium sized stages.
Larger setups can be delivered on request.
We can create custom shows for your touring performances and permanent setups for venues.
Laser shows can be integrated with visuals, lights and pyrotechnics.
Demo of our latest laser units
2x 1w Cameo & 2x 1.8w Swisslass