Artrance Visionary Collective is a VJ project focused on bringing engaging visual experiences to all kind of events and exploring  how people can engage in digital experiences !

Our favourite tools are video projectors combined with various software which we use to explore the endless ways to transform spaces and objects by playing with light.
Fascinated by the idea of ‘conscious technology’ , we often incorporate sensors to create interactive video installations were the visitor becomes part of the creation.

Artrance Visionary Collective is a group of friends who combine efforts to create video projections and installations.
We want to develop our collective into a group of animators , builders & visual operators to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can bring.

As we want are always trying to improve the quality of what we can offer , we are interested in working together with other talents in various disciplines from arts to coding, please contact us if you are interested to create with us !

We are on Facebook & Instagram.