“Eye See You” at de Warande

This time we got asked to redesign our Eye See You interactive video installation for a wider cultural audience at the Warande in Turnhout, Belgium.

As a celebration opening weekend , they filled the place with artists and we toke part at the “This is where the magic happens’  video & light exposition in the basements under the theatre stage.

Eye see you is an playful colorful interactive video installation where the visitors can see themselves in a life size digital reflection.
It is an ongoing exploration of how computers can be conscious of humans and interpret them visually.

We started tinkering around in Touchdesigner to make a new custom  software patch for this assignment , and we ended up creating 3 different versions of our installations , to be fitted next to each other for an triple wide installation measuring 20m wide.

Here’s a video !
Curious about the other versions of this installation ? Have a look at the version we had on Mo:Dem festival or at ZNA Festival !